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collaborate \kə•'la•bə•rāt\ v.
1. work together with others to achieve a common goal. [from Latin collaborare]

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Stewardship Services

Emergent Workshop's highly personalized approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us effective. Our customized strategies and guidance have been proven to help organizations facilitate change, optimize performance and achieve goals. We partner with our clients from inception to completion, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas and developing effective and high quality solutions.

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If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading ~ Lao Tzu

Our Discovery Services enable multi-faceted and in-depth review and evaluation of our client’s businesses via comprehensive intel gathering, data mining and detailed analysis across multiple segments.

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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail 
~ John Wooden

We employ well informed planning based on the outcome of in-depth Discovery. This ensures efficient and timely execution of a formalized strategy and allows for necessary adjustments and realignment prior to implementation or launch (and prevent missteps!).

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Vision without execution is a daydream
~Japanese Proverb

Discovery and Preparation come together to inform hands-on supervision and management across multiple segments of your business. We can work side-by-side with existing personnel and also serve as proxy where there may be insufficient or non-existent resources

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Who We Are

At Emergent Workshop, we don't consider ourselves "consultants" - we are strategic partners in your journey. Every step of the way, our work is considerate and executed with an esprit de corps.  

We're also invested in your success beyond the scope of any completed project and we endeavor to provide tools that carry you well into the future, long after we have finished the collaborative enterprise.  

Our curated approach provides exactly what you need and when you need it and you will never be left to figure out how to apply our counsel.

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Ari Lowenstein

Senior Advisor

Ari has been involved in the gift industry internationally since 1997 when he owned a specialty gift company in Italy for 12 years. After moving back to the U.S. in 2009, he worked as highly successful Business Development manager in the gift industry until 2017 at which time he created Emergent Workshop. In 2014 he co-founded Canopy, a SAM company that manages 20+ businesses on Amazon and other 3rd party platforms. Currently he serves as co-chair on the Committee for Strategic Partnerships for the Museum Store Association, is on the Board of Directors of Gift For Life, is an active member of the Conference Content Committee for the Gift & Home Trade Association and the immediate past President of the Gift Sales Managers Association.

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